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Turn one-time guests into
repeat customers and drive revenue

In the hospitality industry, over 70% of new guests don’t return after their initial stay, representing a significant gap in potential revenue. Directful’s AI-driven platform is engineered to close this gap.

Leveraging AI and predictive analytics, our system determines when past guests are most likely to travel again and automatically triggers targeted SMS campaigns. These hyper-personalized messages enhance guest retention and substantially increase conversion rates. These campaigns see an impressive 15.5% average conversion rate and have unlocked more than $83 million dollars in total revenue for our customers.

Targeted Re-Engagement

Utilize predictive analytics to send SMS campaigns at the most opportune times, increasing the likelihood of direct bookings.

Boost Conversion Rates

Hyper-personalized messages tailored to each guest’s preferences and past behavior significantly improve conversion rates.

Create Repeat Guests

Transform one-time guests into loyal, repeat customers, creating a sustainable revenue stream for your hotel.

How It Works

A Streamlined Process for Maximum Impact

1 Data Enrichment

Directful’s advanced AI technology thoroughly analyzes your guest data, pinpointing and addressing any deficiencies. This meticulous approach leads to a remarkable 40% increase in data completion, uncovering information that was previously concealed.

Data Enrichment
2 AI analysis

The Directful Customer Data Platform (CDP) uses advanced AI algorithms to identify patterns, preferences, and behaviors in the guest data. The system cleanses and organizes this data to create unified customer profiles, providing a comprehensive view of each guest.

AI analysis
3 Travel Prediction

Directful’s Guest Travel Prediction harnesses the power of AI to analyze a multitude of data points, including demographics, past travel patterns, weather, geographical factors, and more. This sophisticated analysis enables the solution to accurately predict the optimal times when guests are most inclined to make future bookings.

Travel Prediction
4 Automated campaigns

Direcftful sends automated hyper-personalized SMS text message campaigns, ensuring each communication is tailored to the individual preferences and behaviors of guests. This precision in timing and personalization significantly enhances the effectiveness of each campaign, leading to increased guest engagement and higher conversion rates for direct bookings.

Automated Campaigns
5 Easy booking

Directful streamlines the booking process by embedding easy-to-use links within its personalized messages, guiding potential guests directly to the hotel’s booking engine. This seamless integration facilitates a hassle.

Easy Booking
Convert OTA Guests to Direct Bookers

Maximize revenue by converting
OTA bookers to loyal customers

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) can be a double-edged sword: they bring in bookings, but at the cost of hefty commissions. Directful offers a solution to this dilemma by segmenting guests who initially booked through OTAs and targeting them with specialized messages and offers.

Directful’s strategy of engaging OTA bookers with tailored messages and exclusive offers transforms one-time OTA users into loyal, direct customers. This approach not only enhances immediate revenue but also secures long-term financial growth.

Reduced OTA Commissions

By converting OTA guests to direct bookers, you can save on commissions and increase your profit margins.

Tailored Messaging

Specialized campaigns for OTA bookers mean more effective engagement and higher conversion rates.

Sustainable Revenue

Converting OTA guests to direct bookers not only boosts immediate revenue but also fosters long-term loyalty.

Know when a guest will book again

Automate guest re-engagement
with intelligent travel predictions

Don’t leave your next booking to chance or leave money on the table with an OTA. With Directful’s Guest Travel Prediction, you can proactively engage past guests at the right time, turning missed opportunities into revenue.

Using Directful’s advanced AI to predict when past guests will likely travel again allows you to automate targeted re-engagement strategies. This enhances your direct bookings and promotes guest loyalty, paving the way for sustainable revenue growth.

Optimized Engagement

Utilize AI-driven insights based on factors like demographics, travel patterns, and room choices to engage guests when they’re most likely to book again.

Increased Direct Bookings

Automatically trigger hyper-personalized SMS campaigns at opportune moments, reducing reliance on OTAs and increasing your profit margins.

Enhanced Guest Loyalty

By reaching out at the right time with personalized offers, you’re not just securing a booking; you’re building a relationship that encourages repeat stays.

AI Data Completion

Complete the picture with AI-Enriched data

In the hospitality industry, incomplete guest data can be a roadblock to effective customer engagement. With Directful’s AI Data Completion, you can turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Directful’s advanced AI engine helps complete your guest data, allowing for more focused marketing and higher conversion rates. It turns OTA bookers into direct, loyal customers, enabling you to increase both guest satisfaction and revenue.

40% data completion

Elevate your masked OTA data with a 40% enhancement, ensuring you have a more comprehensive and actionable view of your guests.

Enhanced Marketing

With a complete set of segmented guest data, tailor your marketing campaigns to be more effective and personalized, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Efficient OTA Conversion

Utilize enriched data to specifically target guests who initially booked through OTAs, encouraging them to book directly with you next time.

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