Re-engage Past Guests with AI-Automated Marketing Dashboard

Win Back Lapsed Guest Directly
Keep Guest Coming Back, Including OTA Users
Auto-invite Past Guests with Hyper-Personalized Offers

Getting started takes only 15 minutes; Directful already works with your PMS! 

Let's see how you can maximize revenue generation without dealing with time-consuming and manual tasks

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70% of guests don’t return to the same property

And only a small percentage of hoteliers have access to enough data and tools to simplify the process of driving repeat bookings, resulting in:

Increased Reliance on Acquisition
Higher Marketing Costs
Lower Occupancy Rates
Decreased Revenue and Profitability

That’s why we created an easy-to-use solution that helps hotels drive more repeat bookings through targeted hyper-personalized auto-invite campaigns.

One of Holiday Inn Hotels regained 650+ past guests and generated $$$$ of additional direct revenue in just 6 months of using Directful

What if you could win back 100+ lapsed guests directly by automating re-engagement process?

The only step that separates you from achieving this result is scheduling a free demo call. In this personalized Zoom call, we’ll show you how:

Boost retention effortlessly
Convert OTA guests to direct
Optimize occupancy rates
Generate revenue automatically, and more!

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