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Offer Seamless & User-Friendly Mobile Booking Experience
Set Up Targeted Hyper-Personalized Campaigns in Minutes
Keep Guests Coming Back with Auto-invite Texts

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Mobile bookings accounted for more than 40% of digital travel sales globally

Without having enough tool that helps to build direct guest relationships and proactively engage with guests, hoteliers may experience: 

Reduced Guest Satisfaction 
Dependency on Third-Party Booking Channels 
Inefficient Booking Process and Reduced Occupancy Rates
Lost Revenue Opportunities 

That’s why we’ve developed an all-in-one automated platform specifically designed for hotels, leveraging the power of AI to engage with guests at the most appropriate time

One of the Hyatt Resorts experienced a reduction in OTA bookings by 53% and achieved significant increase of +123% in direct revenue since using Directful 

What if you could optimize your distribution strategy and boost direct revenue automatically? 

The only step that separates you from achieving this result is scheduling a free demo call. In this personalized Zoom call, we’ll show you how to: 

Convert OTA guests to direct 
Win back lapsed guest with auto-invite texts 
Automate sending hyper-personalized incentives  
Access comprehensive data-based reports, and more!    

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