Convert OTA bookers to direct

Autonomous revenue generation
New AI-driven distribution channel
Increase review rankings by average 7-steps
In-house messaging included

Let us show how you can use the power of AI automation to boost your hotel’s revenue and direct booking:

Join other top hotels who turned past guests into a valuable revenue source

How can you easily win back the loyalty of those 70% of guests who typically do not return to the same property?


PMS integration

Integrate effortlessly your hotel PMS, booking engine and other systems, and get started in just 15 minutes.


Data analysis

Utilize AI to segment, analyze, and recover lost guest data. Retain more guests through hyper-personalization.


Automated outreach

Automatically reach out to past guests precisely when they are most likely to make a booking. Drive more direct revenue.

Directful already works with your hotel PMS, booking engine and other systems

Book a meeting with our expert sales team to delve into the specifics of how our AI-powered solutions can revolutionize your guest engagement and increase direct revenue ratio by 20%.

Win back lapsed guests directly
Keep guest coming back again and again
Reach right guests at right time automatically

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