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Convert OTA guests to direct bookers

Establish a direct relationship with OTA guests
Keep guest coming back with personalized offers
Effectively market OTA guests and boost repeat bookings

Let us show how you can effortlessly re-engage guests who have previously booked through third-party channels

Join other hospitality professionals who turned past guests into a valuable revenue source

82% of hoteliers believe that direct relationships with OTA guests are crucial for their business

The main problem that stops from re-engaging OTA guests is the lack of direct communication channels and guest data access. That’s why we created an easy-to-use automated solution for hotels:


PMS integration

Integrate effortlessly your hotel PMS, booking engine and other systems, and get started in just 15 minutes.


Data analysis

Utilize AI to segment, analyze, and recover lost guest data. Retain more guests through hyper-personalization.


Automated outreach

Automatically reach out to past guests precisely when they are most likely to make a booking. Drive more direct revenue.

Directful already works with your hotel PMS, booking engine and other systems

What if you could convert 10+ OTA guests to book directly each month?

The only step that separates you from achieving this result is scheduling a free demo. In this 15-minute call, you’ll discover how to:

Regain access to OTA guest data 
Auto-invite OTA guests with personalized offers
Drive more repeat direct bookings, and more

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