How AD1 Global's hotel in Florida increased TripAdvisor area ranking by 6 positions in just 6 months

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AD1 Global is an award-winning hotel management company known for its excellence in the hospitality industry. With a strong presence in Florida, they expertly manages nearly 4,300 guestrooms for seven prestigious brand partners. 

AD1 Global is an award-winning hotel management company known for its excellence in the hospitality industry. With a strong presence in Florida, they expertly manages nearly 4,300 guestrooms for seven prestigious brand partners. 

Enhancing Hotel Reputation: AD1 Global's Strategic Approach

In today’s digital age, where 93% of travelers rely on online reviews before making booking decisions, maintaining a positive online reputation has become crucial for hotel success. In response to this challenge, AD1 Global empowered their hotel clients to leverage AI-powered online reputation management technologies like Directful Reputation Management solution. 

Recognizing the profound impact of guest reviews and ratings on the hospitality industry, AD1 Global sought to enhance the online reputation of one of their branded hotels in Florida. They identified several key areas for improvement:  

1. Timely Guest Satisfaction Monitoring 
The hotel faced challenges in identifying guest issues and being notified about them in a timely manner. AD1 Global prioritized the implementation of a real-time feedback and messaging tool, enabling them to address and improve guest satisfaction while the guest is still in-property. 

 2. Increasing Review Response Rate & Volume  
AD1 Global aimed to boost the review response rate by implementing an automated review collection system, allowing guests to conveniently leave feedback in just a few clicks. Without a proactive approach, many satisfied guests may not take the time to share their experiences, resulting in a lower review volume. 

Solutions Enabling Hotel Success Online

1. Efficient Guest Engagement with AI-Powered Chatbot and Automated Guest Messaging

AD1 Global harnessed the power of AI-powered chatbots and Automated Guest Messaging to revolutionize guest engagement. These solutions provided guests with effortless engagement with the hotel team through real-time text communication, while also equipping the hotel with efficient tools to manage guest feedback. 

With the automated system handling guest satisfaction surveys, review requests and follow-ups, the hotel staff no longer needed to manually manage these tasks. As a result, they could focus their efforts on other essential aspects of guest service and hotel operations, ultimately improving overall efficiency and guest satisfaction.

2. Proactive Guest Satisfaction Monitoring and Preventing Potential Negative Reviews

To overcome difficulties in identifying guest problems and timely notification, the hotel implemented Directful Reputation Management solution. Directful’s comprehensive system facilitated real-time feedback collection and personalized communication at every stage, empowering guests to easily share their experiences and concerns. 

Moreover, leveraging AI’s real-time sentiment analysis capabilities enabled the hotel to swiftly identify and address any issues or concerns. This proactive approach allowed the hotel to resolve negative experiences during guests’ stays, preventing them from turning into negative reviews.

3. Boosting Review Response Rates with Automated Reminders

AD1 Global leveraged Directful’s review request automation feature to improve guest feedback gathering. By sending timely text reminders, the automated process not only reduced staff workload but also offered guests an effortless platform to provide valuable feedback in just a few clicks. 

Leveraging AI technology, the platform identified opportune moments to request guest reviews, maximizing the chances of receiving valuable feedback from satisfied customers. Also, guests who left a 5-star feedback were encouraged to share their wonderful experience also on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews.

Results & conclusion

As a result of these efforts, the hotel experienced a higher volume of positive reviews, significantly enhancing its online reputation and standing out in the ultra-competitive Orlando market. 

Leveraging Directful’s automated AI-driven review management and communication solutions, AD1 Global’s hotel achieved remarkable results in just 6 months: 

  • Climbed 6 positions in TripAdvisor Area Ranking, further establishing the hotel’s reputation as a top choice among travelers. 
  • Automated the sending of 6,000 review requests, streamlining the feedback collection process and saving valuable staff time.
  • Successfully prevented potential 476 negative reviews, underscoring the proactive nature of the solution in addressing guest concerns promptly.  
  • Witnessed a remarkable 52% increase in the total number of positive reviews, leading to a substantial 0.5 increase in the overall TripAdvisor ranking.
Guests enjoyed the convenience of text-based communication, feeling valued and heard during their stay, while real-time notifications helped the hotel team address issues promptly, safeguarding their online reputation. 

These exceptional outcomes underscore the power of AI in elevating guest experiences and boosting online reputation in the highly competitive hospitality industry.
0 +
feedback requests automated
potential negative reviews prevented
+ 0 positions
in TripAdvisor area ranking
+ 0
increase in TripAdvisor rating​

Moreover, now the hotel has the opportunity to try using Directful Marketing Automation solution and boost its revenue by setting up personalized drip campaigns for guests who have left 5-star reviews. This smart strategy allows the hotel to capitalize on positive feedback and drive high-value repeat bookings.

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