AI Automated Hotel Marketing Dashboard For Hotels

Send Hyper-Personalized Drip Campaigns 
Promote, Upsell & Increase Amenity Engagement 
Automate Communication & Improve Guest Satisfaction

Getting started takes only 15 minutes; Directful already works with your PMS!

Let's see how you can maximize revenue generation without dealing with time-consuming and manual tasks

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86% of hoteliers believe that automation is crucial for managing revenue effectively

Delays in communication, manual data collection, lack of automation in campaign management, and sending follow-ups can result in:

Inconsistent messaging and poor communication
Difficulties to achieve a high level of personalization
Miss opportunities to engage with guests at the right time
Missed chances to drive repeat bookings and upsell additional services

That’s why we created an easy-to-use solution that helps hoteliers drive more revenue and make data-driven decisions.

One of Hyatt Hotels achieved a significant boost of +153% in direct revenue since implementing Directful’s automated marketing dashboard

What if you could maximize your revenue by automating the guest engagement process?

The only step that separates you from achieving this result is scheduling a free demo call. In this personalized Zoom call, we’ll show you how:

Automate guest communication on each stage of guest journey
Maximize TrevPAR with targeted hyper-personalized campaigns
Optimize occupancy rates with auto-invite messages
Generate revenue automatically, and more!

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